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Quality soap for the soul

Bathing is an everyday thing, and reaching for the soap comes as second nature, but just how much thought have you ever given to what you’re actually applying to your skin? We at The Bar Soap People think about this every day, and it’s a craft that we’ve been honing for decades. Why not pamper yourself with one of our soaps? After all, great skincare is for everybody.

Why choose us?

While generic soap is readily available and can be had for cheap, there are reasons why you should opt for our extensive selection of premium soaps.


We use only the finest ingredients that you can expect from quality skincare products. This also means that we leave out chemicals such as SLS, alcohol, and parabens.

Tailored For You

With so many soaps available, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your skin. Looking for something to soothe your dry skin or remove excessive oils? We’ve got you covered.


Who doesn’t love smelling like a million bucks? If scents are your thing, you’ll be spoiled for choice with our diverse range of fragrant goodness.

Let us treat you to a discount

Ready to give our soaps a try? Why not do it with a 30% discount? That’s right, we’re giving away awesome discounts for all purchases above MYR 50. While you’re at it, why not key in your email so that we can keep you in the loop for any future promotions such as this? We promise not to send any spam, because we hate it too.

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